Welcome to Waiheke.

OneWaiheke is a project to enhance communication throughout the Waiheke Community.   It consists of the blogging website http://onewaiheke.org  and a range of online groups that can be used for managing discussions and mailing lists amongst community organisations. 

If your group would like support in setting up a free website, or would like to create a mailing list or online group then please contact Andrew Watkins at watkinsav at gmail.com

This system supports both public groups that anyone can join and private groups that allow invitation only members.


Welcome to the OneWaiheke online groups site. Online groups are like a list server and a message board with file-sharing and chat. The OneWaiheke project is a set of online tools to enable communication and collaboration between the islanders of Waiheke, New Zealand. There is a public News and Announcements group that anyone can join. There are multiple other groups for the various working parties associated with the project.

When people join groups and post to them, those posts will appear on this page (if the messages in those groups are visible to the public, or to whoever is logged in).

This site was created using the service provided by OnlineGroups.Net.